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Kids Art / By Nikolay /

Kids Art / Landscape

It is very good theme: whatever you do is nice. But there are certain rules
even here. First we paint the sky starting from the upper side to the bottom,
then the horizon line and back plan with the details. After what comes water,
ground and front plan. At the end, when we already have painted the main things,
we can do all the rest: what grows on the ground, what swims in the water, what
flies in the air. The final touches come last. The continuity is what helps
us in a lot of our endeavors.

Children usually are more likely to paint the objects in a flat way, they paint
the original color of the object in a medium tone. The next step is the volume,
to figure out the light color and the shade color of the object, and also the
tonality strength.

Ilsina Nazarova /10 years/"Bushes and clouds"


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