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Kids Art / It is a real problem...

When we come to the part where we are painting people (especially specific people), birds, and animals we come across the real problem which is difficult even for professional artists. For example, suppose we paint a 25-year-old girl with violets close to her that is sitting next to a Newfoundland puppy and in the corner there is a last year coconut. Here we cannot work without first studying
and observing. That's why our goal is not only painting a nice background but also to fill them with life which could be understood not only by the artist himself but by the viewers as well. This is a really difficult thing to accomplish, a real problem.

It is very pleasant to paint backgrounds because color is an emotional thing. But when it comes to painting details, we cannot do it without patience and assiduousness.

Alexandra Popova /10 years/"Sunset"


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