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Children always like holidays and the vacations associated with them. They willingly and with pleasure draw that which strikes their imagination. Christmas and New Years are associated with presents, attention and love, kind Santa Claus, snow, generously decorated Christmas trees, streets and houses, which are especially
beautiful at night. Needless to say, Christmas holidays bring lots of fun and joy. Halloween is another story. It cannot be called a holiday in the literal sense. It is rather a fun tradition, an amusing masquerade that sometimes shocks the senses and causes fear not only among children, but adults as well. The traditional autumn celebration began to turn into something horrible, bloody, and terrifying. Just look at the masks and costumes sold in stores before Halloween.
In the art school, we are only concerned with harmony and beauty. In our Halloween pictures you will not find anything bloody or terrifying. The students' works resemble illustrations to mysterious, fantastic stories.

There is a presentiment of foggy feeling here and very soft lighting which is coming from the inside of the objects.

Maria Starichenok (9 years) "Halloween".


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