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Kids Art / Theory of color

It is impossible to teach how to mix the colors with words, it must be taught with experience. Each student must do it himself at least once. It is very important to create full color range [circle?] mixing the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue and receiving as the result of them the derivative colors (orange, green, violet). This is just the beginning. Then, each color in 4 minimal fundamental tones should transform to black (it is "darkening" - fading of the color). Then each of these 6 colors become white (according to the same diagram)
the process of the weakening of the color is called - "whitening".
It is highly recommended for the student to distribute colors to 7 tones, much like as in the musical scale. But 4 tones is minimum. It is very important and we cannot continue without that as well as without the gray scale which includes black, dark gray, light gray, white.




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